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Peak almost reached

Despite the frost period in January, which forced the concreting work to be stopped, the schedule is being adhered to. And we are approaching the top edge of the building on the sixth residential floor. This is the last time we will see reinforcement, formwork panels and precast concrete elements floating through the air. Whoever you meet from the more than 30 workers, foremen and site managers on the construction site; everyone is satisfied with the work done and the impressive result so far. Things are always progressing, there have been no planning errors or significant changes so far. It’s just working, and that makes work fun.

District heating tunnel

The new sewer running under the building for four Vattenfall AG district heating main lines will look like a veritable tunnel after completion. Two connecting structures now have to be built to the original canal, which runs underground for several kilometers through the center of Berlin. After that, the temporary above-ground pipeline can be dismantled and the pipes installed in the tunnel. The fact that this challenging part of the overall construction project is being implemented technically and on schedule is primarily due to the excellent cooperation between Vattenfall, the specialist planners involved from GTB Berlin, the structural engineering company DIW and, last but not least, our project and superstructure management.

Gap filler

As the building reaches the fourth floor, it becomes increasingly clear how precisely the building fills a gap that has existed for decades. Having foreseen this from a planning perspective remains the visible achievement of Stadtplanung Mitte and the architects involved. At the end of 2023, the success of the overall project is more than apparent in terms of design, technology and schedule. We would like to thank everyone involved for their contributions to a successful 2023 in these difficult times!

North view

The shell of the building now stands out clearly between the surrounding high-rise buildings. Two residential floors and one office floor are still to be completed. The view from the lofty heights in the northern direction of Schillingpromenade looks across the Kino International to the Mitte district office. The schedule is still well behind schedule. Unless frosty temperatures force a winter break, the shell of the building could be completed next March.


The ceiling above the 1st floor will be completed this month. Even from there, a multifaceted city panorama opens up. That’s Berlin!

Unrestrained growth

The first-class cooperation of our construction management with our shell construction company DIW and the high level of commitment of the foremen and workers on the construction site mean that the building is growing rapidly out of the ground. The schedule has been systematically undercut since the start of shell construction, so that we are now more than a month ahead of schedule, which is very unusual for major construction projects. To the delight of everyone involved, the second floor can now be erected as early as September.

Struts over struts

Things are progressing rapidly. The first floor has been erected and, for the time being, houses over 100 steel columns that will secure the ceiling to the 1st floor until its structural concrete component has hardened. With a room height of over four meters and continuous glass fronts, the first floor will make an attractive and imposing space and enrich the streetscape at the entrance to Schillingstrasse.

Rising from the basement

The basement is finished. This meant that the dewatering could be switched off and the shoring removed. Now it’s off to the heights. The construction site has turned into a forest of reinforcing steel, formwork panels and concrete components. All this will now come together to form the first floor. Knowing every detail here and at the same time maintaining an overview is the challenge that our engineers and the site managers and foremen of our contractor DIW master every day.

Laying the foundation stone

In keeping with traditional practice, a casket was buried under the floor slab to mark the laying of the foundation stone. Its contents: the Berliner Zeitung of the current day, construction plans, hard cash and the speech manuscript of the builder. The latter ends with the sentences: “We, and by that I expressly mean all those who have come here today; with our work we create spaces that are needed. That is our task and our contribution to the community. To be able to do this, we must be grateful!

65 meters

The installation of the crane is completed. With a height of 65 meters, the crane clearly tops the surrounding skyscrapers. The crane can carry a payload of six tons. In the coming months, it will be used primarily to place precast concrete components such as hollow walls, filigree ceilings and stair flights into the structure.

The concrete runs

The concreting of the floor slab has begun. It is carried out in several sections, which are connected by joint plates. The foundation and the anchoring for the construction crane are integrated into the first concreting section. The overall project remains exactly on schedule.

Construction site safety

While the brine for the excavation pit is being placed on the rough subgrade, preparations for the first concreting operation are underway. In the meantime, the construction site has been completely secured. For this purpose, a pedestrian protection tunnel has been built on Holzmarktstraße to allow safe passage in the area of the future construction site delivery.

Redirect groundwater

The excavation pit is completely excavated in the dry area. For the remaining excavation to the final level, the groundwater must be lowered. As part of the dewatering required for this, groundwater is brought to the discharge point into the Spree River via a pumping station and an above-ground pipeline connected to it.

Excavation pit

The shoring to support the excavation pit has now been installed in the rear section of the site. Now the soil can be excavated to a depth of four meters.

New year break

The construction of the excavation pit is on schedule. Over the Christmas holidays until New Year’s Eve, the work can rest.

First leases

While the installation for the support of the excavation pit is being brought in, there are already potential tenants for a bistro and a shop in the future building. There will be voting on the expansion planning and contract drafting.

According to the schedule

The demolition of the old supermarket has now been successfully completed. The closure of the district heating office has also been completed according to the schedule.

Relocating lines

Four central main lines of the Berlin district heating network of Vattenfall PLC are run under the property. They will be temporarily relocated above ground in order to be integrated into the basement of the newly built building. The temporary installation should be completed with the beginning of the heating season; this is a time-critical undertaking.

Manual demolition

Problems do not remain unresolved. The demolition of the shopping hall is delayed. In the rear area, the demolition with heavy technology is now not possible. The demolition must be carried out manually in small parts.

Here we go!

The demolition of the old supermarket is progressing rapidly with the use of heavy technology.

Back in 1966

The old supermarket stood here for almost 55 years. It was one of the largest shopping malls built in the GDR. In recent years, the building has been successfully used as the alphabet museum and the event location; moreover, it was once used for Berlin Fashion Week. Now the flat square of concrete is giving way to the complete restyling of the southern beginning of the Schilling promenade.

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